The Maldives will continue to champion its priorities at the UN, despite not winning a seat on the United Nations Security Council for the term 2019-2020, in the election held at the United Nations General Assembly today.

 The Maldives extends congratulations to Indonesia, on winning today’s election. The Maldives also reiterates its solidarity and commitment to work closely with Indonesia, and all the newly elected members.

 In its 72 years of the United Nations, only 8 Small Island Developing States (SIDS) have had the opportunity to serve on the Security Council. The Maldives is disappointed that small States are not getting the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to the international peace and security. However, the Maldives will continue its leadership role in pursuing strong action on issues of importance to the Maldives and other SIDS. The Maldives will also pursue new initiatives and innovations, and further strengthen its collaboration and relations with the international community. The Maldives also hopes that today’s results will not dishearten other small States to compete for membership in the Council. The Maldives hopes that the future will provide a platform for all members of the UN, big or small, to serve on the Security Council, on the merits of their commitments and ideals, to international peace and security.