The Foreign Service Institute of Maldives

The Foreign Service Institute of Maldives (FOSIM) was established on 16 January 2014 by the President’s Office, under the administration of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and formally registered at Department of Higher Education, as a diplomatic training institute. The institute undertakes training on enhancing knowledge and expertise on foreign affairs, professional skill development, enrichment of foreign policy and conducting policy research.

FOSIM currently offers a variety of training programs for the ministry staff. These include diplomatic training courses, pre-posting orientation courses, protocol, public diplomacy and skill development training programs.



To become a center of excellence for diplomatic training and skill development


To be a reputed national institute for the development and professionalization of the Maldives foreign service corps and research on foreign policy


The functions of the institute include:

  • provide training on specialized skill development of foreign service officers and in-service career development training of executives as required by the changing needs of the foreign service;
  • organize and conduct the foreign service exam and foreign service promotion exam;
  • promote learning and acquisition of languages essential for more effective and efficient diplomatic practice with bilateral and international partners;
  • stimulate awareness and debate amongst government  institutions on foreign policy issues facing the Maldives, through organizing a series of  conferences and workshops to discuss and deliberate on foreign policy issues;
  • undertake research and analysis on priority issues in the Maldives foreign policy; and
  • provide policy alternatives for the foreign policy process including goal setting, policy formulation, decision making, policy enactment, policy management, policy assessment and evaluation.