The Government of Maldives expresses its disappointment at the misinformation being circulated in the media today, regarding the European Delegation of Ambassadors’ visit to the Maldives.

It is worrisome that, despite the Foreign Secretary meeting the Ambassadors this morning at a very short notice, and briefing them on the situation at hand, there are media reports that the Government refused to meet the delegation. In addition, the Government had a team of State Ministers and Foreign Service Officials, whom the delegation refused to meet. Further, the Ambassadors were aptly informed that The President and all Cabinet Ministers were in a Cabinet session, in addition to having high level back to back meetings. The Government expresses regret that the delegation had already departed when the Ministers became available to meet them, regardless of the short notice given by the delegation to the Government.

The Government of Maldives stands ready to engage and conduct constructive dialogue to discuss and provide clarification on issues relating to the ongoing developments in the country and has a dedicated team of Cabinet Ministers ready to meet any further foreign delegations.