9 May 2017, Male';

The Government of Maldives wishes to reiterate that in the public statement issued on 23 April 2017, the President and the Government of Maldives condemned in the strongest terms, the brutal murder of the social media activist and blogger.

The Government has mobilised all of its resources to bring the perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice. 

The Maldives Police Service (MPS) is giving top priority to the investigation of the Yameen Rasheed’s murder. The Police have made substantial progress in the investigation and six suspects are in police custody in the arrests made following the incident. The MPS is receiving technical assistance from countries in Europe and the East Asia for forensic analysis of evidences recovered by the investigation team. The MPS, in a public statement made today, has announced that it is confident that the investigation will result in bringing to justice, the actual perpetrators of the crime. 

With respect to the two reported incidents of threats made to Yaameen Rasheed, the MPS had addressed those two specific reports at the time of reporting of the threats. The Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM), an independent constitutional body mandated to investigate allegations of human rights violations in the Maldives, is currently undertaking a separate investigation of the issue of threats made to Yaameen Rasheed. The HRCM is also closely monitoring the Police investigation of Yaameen Rasheed’s murder.

The Government of Maldives takes note of the interests that other Governments and international agencies express on the case. The Government wishes to reassure to all interested parties that the Maldives Police, and all the agencies of the State, would continue to give utmost priority to the case, and that the perpetrators of the crime will be brought to justice, in a timely fashion. The Government also wishes to reiterate that the fundamental human rights of every citizen, as set out in the Constitution of the Maldives, will be protected, and that the law enforcement authorities will always remain vigilant in protecting those rights.